Karate vs. Muay Thai Bare Knuckle Fight Is Everything You Would Hope It To Be

Karate vs Muay Thai

Karate vs Muay Thai? Every fight fan loves a good style vs. style match up, and these two martial arts masters do not disappoint. In the video above, you get the privilege of seeing what happens when disciplines collide as this Muay Thai master takes on a Karate master in a real-life, bare knuckle brawl.

Style vs style match ups have always been some of the most intriguing fights in the history of combat sports. In fact, some very memorable fights have been based on this premise. Look no further than the birth of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) to see how entertaining the style versus style fights can be. Additionally, with karate vs Muay Thai, you get to see two of the most popular pure striking arts go toe to toe.

Enjoy the video above.

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