Liddell Shaves The Goatee, Looks A lot Older, As He Starts To Show His Age

You know what they say, ‘time waits for no man’, and at 48 years old, aging UFC legend Chuck Liddell has opted for a new older man’s look and shaved off his infamous goatee.

For years, many, many years, “The Iceman” has had facial hair. Well that all changed recently, because in a new photo post, the UFC legend is showing off his new look and it’s absent the long-time look of his infamous goat.

Chuck Liddel has recently been let go from his office job at the UFC. As such many believed he’d return to fighting under the Bellator banner.

He was originally forced into retirement after a run of bad fights inside the UFC’s Octagon.

But, at nearly 50 years old now, it might be the wrong time to find resurgence as a fighter.

Never before have we seen what an elderly Chuck Liddel looks like.

Until now.

Check it out:

Finally back on the mat after a long hiatus thanks to @gabrielarges @gbnorthridge

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