Tonight’s Man vs. Woman Fight Deemed Illegal, Cancelled At Last Minute

Tara LaRosa

McDojo Life, a company that calls out frauds in the martial arts industry, has put together a rather unorthodox mixed martial arts event for Saturday, Jan. 6. Specifically, a free live stream of Tara LaRosa facing off against a man was set to go down tonight. However, things have since come to a halt.

MMA female Tara Larosa

McDojo Life recently posted a video to social media concerning female mixed martial artists using self-defense techniques. Kris Zylinski a native of Gainesville, Fla. was quick to respond to the video, claiming that women are incapable of defending themselves without the use of a firearm.

UFC President Dana White.

As reported by, a member of McDojo has since reached out to Zylinski to issue a challenge to the man for his controversial statement. The company has since offered $1,000 to any woman willing to face off against Zylinski inside a cage.

UFC President Dana White.

Initially, 23-year-old Anna Dempster took on the challenge but has since suffered an injury that has forced the fighter to pull out of the event. Then, mixed martial arts pioneer and former competitor on The Ultimate Fighter Tara LaRosa was set to take on the man.

The event was set to go down at 7:00 pm. However, the free live stream provided by McDojo Life offered some unexpected news rather than the start of the fight. It has since been revealed that the night’s event has been shut down due to legal reasons. Details concerning the reasoning behind the fight’s removal have yet to be revealed.

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