PVZ’s Opponent Says If She Know About Broken Arm She Would Have Snapped It Properly

In last weekend’s UFC Fight Night 124 co-main event, UFC sweetheart Paige VanZant broke her arm with a spinning back elbow to the face of Jessica Rose Clark in the first round of their fight.

Toughing through it, VanZant would go on to fight the next two rounds with the broken arm, and lose a unanimous decision.

In an odd move, her opponent on the night, instead of wishing Paige well, decided that doing the opposite was the right move.

Taking to twitter Clarke stated, “Nah she did a good job of hiding it. I did notice her feinting with it more in the last round but I didn’t realize why. Wish I’d switch to armbar from triangle and snapped it properly”

The tweet has since been deleted, but we have a screen cap:

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