Replay: Stephens Demolishes Doo Ho Choi, Gets The Finish In Sunday’s Main Event | UFC Results

The time has finally come. UFC Fight Night 124 is going down tonight, Jan. 14, inside the Scottrade Center in St. Louis, Missouri and the headliners are now throwing down for division dominance.

Headlining the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s latest fight card, Doo Ho Choi and Jeremy Stephens will be facing off in a featherweight war for the St. Louis crowd. Check out the UFC results from the exciting fight down below.

Jeremy Stephens is only two knockdowns away from tying the coveted record of most knockdowns in UFC history that is currently held by MMA legend Anderson Silva. With the fighter going on to face an MMA warrior with a reputation for standing and trading, a lot is on the line for the UFC veteran.

The night’s headliner opened up with a bang, as Stephens quickly closed the distance and met his opponent in the center of the octagon. The two fighters exchanged in a short burst of strikes, before slowing to a more methodical pace.

Stephens and Choi began measuring each other’s range and testing each other’s rhythm, taking their time with their strikes. Stephens blasted Choi with a flurry of punches halfway through the round, with Choi retaliating with a right hand of his own.

Choi began to push the pace, as the fighter walked down Stephens and began increasing his frequency of strikes. In the final minute of the round, Stephens retaliated with a series of combinations that seem to rattle Choi.

Neither fighter was looking to back down in the final moments of the main event’s first round.

It will be a hard round for the judges to score.

The second round kicked off with Choi rushing Stephens with a kick. But Stephens quickly closed the distance and began pummeling Choi against the fence. The St. Louis crowd began to scream and roar for the exciting brawl.

Stephens stuck Choi with a strong right hand that appeared to stun the fighter. Choi began fighting on his back foot, as Stephens pushed the pace against his opponent.

Halfway through the round, Stephens dropped Choi with a powerful strike. Doubling down with a brutal flurry from the ground, Stephens put an end to the fight for a dominant TKO victory.

UFC Results: Jeremy Stephens def. Doo Ho Choi via TKO in round two

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