Rogan Makes Controversial Star Wars Comments, For Having All Black, Asian, And Female Cast

After the latest release of the Star Wars franchise films, titled ‘The Last Jedi’, UFC commentator Joe Rogan reveals he was not a fan, in some new controversial remarks making their way around the internet today.

Rogan, brought back his highly popular ‘Fight Companion’ podcast during Sunday’s UFC Fight Night 124 event, and there was a moment during the main card bout during the Usman vs. Meek bout, where Rogan let loose lips fly.

Not a fan of the diversity of the new Disney run film, Rogan gripes about all the generals being women, and the diversity of asians and black actors starring in the movie.

A rare picture of Joe Rogan with his wife and kids

Here’s Joe’s remarks:

“I watched Star Wars today. It was like a Disney Star Wars movie. Everything is super diversified. The characters were all black and Asian women. There’s women that are generals. The women are running things.

“It was okay. It was a fun movie. It was fun, but it was like,” Rogan said as he rolled his eyes. “It got Disney-fied. It’s like they boiled all the bacteria off of it.”

Here’s the replay of Joe’s comments on the film:

For the record, we think the movie was awesome, and anyone who has not seen it should definitely watch it the first chance you get.