Ronda Said She Will Not Be In Tonight’s WWE Event, But Her Entourage Is In Town

Despite heavy rumors to the contrary, former UFC bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey recently revealed to TMZ that she was not going to be in tonight’s WWE all-female Royal Rumble event.

In the interview Rousey said she was off to Colombia to finish the filming of her new feature film, Mile 22.

It took the pro-wrestling world by shock, due to the fact that her inclusion in tonight’s event was all but a foregone conclusion. There’s even gambling odds out on Ronda’s expected big WWE debut, favoring the UFC star to win the entire thing.

And while it’s hard to go against Ronda Rousey’s own words, it could be that the WWE is sandbagging this whole thing in a hope to surprise the world that MMA’s biggest female star is now there’s.

We at MMAImports have it on very good authority that key members of Ronda Rousey’s entourage have been spotted in Philadelphia, having just landed there on Friday.

These key members are rarely on the road without Ronda Rousey, and are all confirmed to be attending tonight’s big event.

And while this doesn’t mean that Ronda herself will be competing in tonight’s Royal Rumble, it’s definitely cause for speculation.

Could the WWE be hiding her debut from the public, in order to surprise us all? This is very very possible, considering Ronda’s entourage is indeed in the host city and confirmed attendees of tonight’s big event.

While it’s not impossible that her entourage would fly across country to attend the event on their own, it is highly highly unlikely.

Stay tuned…