Replay: A Star Is Born As Mexico’s Aldana Blasts Through Bernardo On FS1 | UFC Results

Fight fans are flooding into the Scottrade Center in St. Louis, Missouri tonight, Jan. 14, for another entertaining night of fights. This time, the world’s most famous mixed martial arts promotion is hosting UFC Fight Night 124 within the bustling arena for fans worldwide.

Continuing the exciting night of fights, bantamweights Talita Bernardo and Irene Aldana are now throwing down for the St. Louis crowd. See the UFC results from the exhilarating match up down below.

The two mixed martial arts warriors opened the first round at a quick pace, as Aldana began walking down her opponent. Bernardo was struck with a powerful punch from the fighter early in the round.

Aldana took Bernardo down, taking advantage of the moment. After Bernardo made her way back to her feet, the two fighters entered a clinch war.

In an attempt to recover from the strike, Bernardo forced Aldana into the fence and entered a clinch war with the fighter. Aldana managed to get away from the position and returned to the center of the octagon.

After being dropped to the canvas again, Bernardo began taking some serious strikes from her standing opponent. This was a dominant round for Aldana.

The second round kicked off at a brutal pace, with Aldana was again bringing a high frequency of strikes to her opponent. However, Bernardo was quickly able to take the fighter to the ground.

Aldana pulled the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt into her full guard and began offering some ground and pound from the bottom position.

In the final minute of the round, Bernardo continued to hold the dominant position over Aldana from the canvas. However, Aldana was able to make her way back to her feet before the end of the round.

The final round opened up with Aldana continuing to push the pace from the standing position. Bernardo made a takedown attempt on her opponent, but failed to get Aldana to the mat.

Returning to the striking game, Aldana began pummeling her opponent with tough jabs. Halfway through the round, Aldana continued to control the pace.

The fighter walked down Bernardo, offering a series of tough strikes to the BJJ black belt. Aldana then managed to drop her opponent once again, taking the fighter to the canvas.

Bernardo managed to reverse the position with only a minute left in the round. But Aldana then switched the position, making her way back to her feet.

This one has gone the distance.

UFC Results: Irene Aldana def. Talita Bernardo via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

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