Video: Chuck Liddell Savagely Punches And Drops Tony Hawk’s Homie

UFC legend and hall-of-fame fighter Chuck Liddell is one of history’s most savage knockout artists.

His dominant run through the UFC’s light-heavyweight division has only been matched by that of the embattled Jon “Bones” Jones.

Still though, despite his ever impressive one punch knock out power, grown men have often encouraged him to give them all he’s got.

Such is the case with the video below.

In the height of his UFC reign, Liddell became the UFC’s first ever cross over star.

His popularity saw him become the first MMA fighter to cross over into television and film, and as such he was constantly making the media rounds on T.V., and radio, before the days of podcasting.

UFC commentator Joe Rogan discusses whether he thinks it's a good idea for Chuck Liddell to make an MMA comeback.

Watch what happens when one of Tony Hawks boys invited Chuck to punch him on set.

The man gets dropped quick, and falls to the floor in pain.

Would you welcome a punch from Chuck Liddell?