Video: Cocky Average Joe Thinks MMA Doesn’t Work, Challenges Pro MMA Fighter

Some people just like to hate on others, even if it means they’re willing to back up their hate with their own health on the line.

Which was the case with this untrained average Joe, who walked into an MMA gym, saw people doing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and said that there’s no way any of that stuff would work against him in a real street fight/MMA fight.

It’s a common misconception among average Joes. Confident that they’re always the alpha male in the room, until someone humbles them.

It’s been seen time and time again, but despite that fact, this man got in the cage with a trained fighter, without any traditional training, and thought the moves he’s seen on T.V. would prove him right.

At first the fighters in the gym just brushed it off, but the guy was persistent in his bashing the athletes present and eventually a challenge was thrown down, and accepted.

You have to see what happened in the video below: