Video: Herb Dean Gets Rag Dolled By Heavyweight After Trying To Halt Fight

Herb Dean is a veteran referee within the sport of mixed martial arts. Dressed in all black, Dean has done and seen almost everything inside the cage. However, the referee perhaps bit off more than he could chew at this event.

Legendary MMA referee, Herb Dean.

Super heavyweight Aorigele faced off against Kim Jae-Hun in an open weight match for Road FC mixed martial arts promotion. The fight did not last long, as Aorigele rocked his opponent early in the first round.

Following up on the punishing right hand, Aorigele pummeled Kim Jae-Hun with a series of fight ending strikes from the ground. Herb Dean had seen enough, stepping in to call a stop to the contest.

However, Aorigele did not stop. The super heavyweight continued to pummel his smaller opponent. As a result, Dean struggled to subdue Aorigele until Kim Jae-Hun’s cornermen stepped in to defend their fighter.

Check it out in the video above.

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