Wanderlei Silva Goes All Out In Crazy New Japanese Gameshow

Wanderlei Silva

Mixed martial arts legend and former competitor in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Wanderlei Silva has put on a storied career in the realm of mixed martial arts. Most recently, Silva was featured under competing mixed martial arts promotion Bellator MMA. However, it would now appear that the MMA legend was also recently featured on an intriguing Japanese game show.

A unanimous decision loss was dealt to Wanderlei Silva by longtime heated rival Chael Sonnen in the Brazilian’s debut under the Bellator promotion at Bellator 180. Perhaps getting his mind off of the recent loss, Silva decided to compete on the Japanese game show “Who is the Ultimate Man?”

The game requires two competitors to be separated by a glass panel. Each competitor then attempts to push the panel to the end of the line. The result is a rather unorthodox shoving match to prove each competitor’s strength.

For the event, Wanderlei Silva went toe-to-toe with former K-1 champion Masato Kobayashi. The former Pride FC legend earned a decisive victory over the former Masato, before being readily defeated by 265 pound Tomas Walsh in the end.

Check it out in the video above.

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