19 Year Old MMA Prodigy KO’s Strongman MMA Veteran

Mixed martial arts is a stunning sport. A bevy of technical layers and acute strategy, high level mixed martial arts competitions are intense to behold. For this young fighter, stepping into the cage proved to be a difficult but impressive test against a veteran.

Kirill Sidelnikov, at 19-years-old, faced off in a match up under the M-1 promotion. Sidelnikov went toe-to-toe with a much larger and much older opponent, leaving much for the fighter to prove.

Still, Sidelnikov made short work of his opponent by sinking in a first round knockout finish. Check out the stunning performance in the video above.

Kirill Sidelnikov would go on to form a storied career in the sport of mixed martial arts. The fighter has earned a professional record of 11-5, with victories under multiple promotional banners.

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