Angela Magana Finally Reacts To Her Viral Wardrobe Malfunction

Former UFC fighter Angela Magana has seen more than her fair share of controversy.

After being punched in the face by Cris Cyborg in 2017, she was then kicked out of her training home at Alliance MMA and ridiculed on-line by MMA fans.

After more than two years of absence in the UFC, she returned to action last December against Amanda Bobby Cooper in an attempt to bounce back from a four fight losing streak.

Instead, she would get thoroughly dominated in the fight, and suffer a wardrobe malfunction that exposed her entire breast on national television.

She remained silent on the subject entirely, until now.

Check it out:

Who was that terrible ref in my last fight?Almost had an armbar, my tit pops out(thank you Reebok).We restart but I was in an armbar position you cant restart that! Come the fuck on, we are engaged in violence and you worry about a tit? #yourmajesty #mma #titsoverviolence

On a five fight losing streak, the UFC has removed Angela Magana from their roster.