Beef! Matt Brown Wants To Kick Snoop Doggs Ass, In Real Life

An unlikely defender of Conor McGregor’s honor, Matt Brown has just spoken out about the video above, featuring a fired up Snoop Dogg roasting Conor McGregor.

The UFC welterweight in Brown is highly offended by Snoop’s remarks. So much so that if he sees him in the street, it’s on.

Taking to the world renowned JRE podcast, Brown dished on his dislike for the rap icon.

Check it out:

“Snoop Dogg, that piece of s–t. I’ll call him out. He called Conor, remember he called him a b–ch? That’s not cool. I don’t care. He put it out in public. He could have apologized, deleted it, whatever.

“If I go to the UFC [Performance Institute] I might just punch him if I see him there. I’m cool with that.”

“That really offends me. Because Conor, people all have their opinions about him, I respect the s–t out of that guy. I love what he’s done. I love his schtick. I think he’s a true sportsman. I like he comes into the limelight for a little while and then he goes back and I think he goes back and he works his ass off. I really think he does.

“He wouldn’t be where he’s at if he didn’t. But everybody judges him by what he does out here.”

Here’s Matt’s full rant: