Bellator’s Fighting Model Proves There’s Levels To Breaking The Web — You’re Welcome

Bellator’s most popular female, Anastasia Yankova is a crossover star from the modeling world.

The multi-talented Russian flyweight is about as talented a female prospect as they come, and she’s also a world renowned beauty with looks that could kill.

When she fights, she puts the beauty aspect of her life aside, and anyone watching knows that combat is her true passion.

She’s totally unbeaten after five years of professional Mixed Martial Arts competition, and as a result of her dominance in the cage, and killer good looks, she’s one of the sport’s hottest prospects today.

She presently has no fights booked under the Bellator banner, and last fought in April of 2017.

However, she’s keeping her fans tuned in with some amazing new photos from her Instagram stories timeline, proving that there are levels to breaking the internet.

Check out her stunning two new photos:

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