Breaking: Jon Jones Found Guilty Of PED Use, Fined $200k, Gets Fighting Licensed Revoked

Last August the latest saga in the life of Jon Jones began, when he failed a drug test after he won his world title back from Daniel Cormier.

For Jones, it’s just another chapter in a hall-of-fame worthy career marred with countless controversy.

Jon Jones has was the youngest champion in UFC history and widely regarded as the best fighter the sport has ever seen. As such, the former champion garnered interest from blue chip sponsors, the likes of Gatorade, Nike, and more.

One by one though, and controversy by controversy, Jon Jones had a fall from grace, and seemingly lost it all.

Multiple run-ins with the law, multiple drug testing failures, and multiple belt strippings later, the latest Jon Jones case in front of the Athletic Commission in California has now concluded.

Many have expected Jon Jones to return to action this year, believing that he did not intentionally ingest the latest performance enhancing drug he got caught with.

The state of California heard his plea today, and decided that the evidence of his innocence was lacking, and as such penalized Jon Jones with the maximum fine of $200,000.00, and a complete revocation of his license to fight.

Unlike in many cases where a suspension is imposed, Jon Jones will have to reapply for a license to fight after his revocation term is up. He will not return to action in 2018, and will not eligible to apply for a license until March of 2019.

In short, they found him guilty of intentional use of performance enhancing drugs.

Notably, USADA can still suspend Jon Jones for up to six years. Today’s hearing with California was just the first step.

The state will allow Jon Jones to reapply for his license, once USADA has decided on his fate.

ESPN provided live updates of today’s hearing:

A replay of today’s hearing is in below: