Breaking: UFC 222 On The Verge Of Being Cancelled, Here’s What We Know

UFC boss Dana White speaking to the media

It’s rare, but the UFC has cancelled pay-per-view cards in the past, and with UFC 222 losing it’s headlining title fight between Max Holloway and Frankie Edgar, this one is one step away from being cancelled also.

The UFC’s pay-per-view model typically requires a champion, a mega-star, or a title fight in the headlining slot, and in the absence of one of those two items, they don’t expect people to buy.

UFC 222, was expected to be saved by a Dillashaw vs. Garbrandt II for the bantamweight world title, but Dillashaw changed his mind at the final hour and refused the bout.

This has put the UFC in a weird state. With all champions already booked, or unavailable, they are short in supply of pay-per-view headliners.

Ronda Rousey is retired(ish), Brock Lesnar is in the WWE, Dillashaw is refusing to fight, Max Holloway is injured, Conor McGregor’s status is up in the air, Robert Whittaker is in rehab, and Demetrious Johnson is recovering from shoulder surgery.

Nate Diaz offered to save the show, one of the few men who can carry a card, but Dana White has revealed his lack of interest.

With no stars that meet the criteria, the UFC is only left with cancelling the pay-per-view.

However, the promotion is looking to turn UFC 222 into a fight night event, which will reshuffle the deck and make UFC 223 the new UFC 222, and UFC 224 the new UFC 223, and so on and so forth.

In doing so, the proposed UFC 222 event will still go down, but it will be a free on T.V. event.

According to reports, with the UFC’s inability to find a headliner, Frankie Edgar will now face Brian Ortega in a five round main event. This bout is not done, nor official, but it’s close, and the UFC is ready to move on.

Stay tuned…