Conor McGregor Suddenly Turns Genuine And Nice, Compliments His Rivals

Man made the money, money never made the man! But has money changed the man?

It’s an interesting thought, because in the past two-days Conor McGregor seems to have turned a new leaf, and instead of bashing and trashing two of his biggest UFC rivals, the Irish star is oddly cordial and complimentary of them.

Most notably, McGregor showed some long overdue respect to Nate Diaz in his Instagram comment stream, addressing Nate directly, and stating “Respect to Nate [Diaz] always and our trilogy will be special when we do it 100%. There is no rush @NateDiaz209 our trilogy will show true to us for what we are. Warriors.”

And in another odd turn of events, the usually brash fighter has offered a sincere and almost sweet message to Max Holloway, a man who in prior times was on the top of his hit list.

Here’s what Conor had to say about Max. (Note: “Uce” is an endearing term for brother or friend used by Islanders)

“This was just moments after I tore my ACL in a fight in Boston Massachusetts.

It was when I faced off against the current featherweight champion Max Holloway, who I dismantled before and after this ligament tear, to win a lopsided victory.

It was father against son in there that night in just my second UFC bout.

Young Max is a hell of a fighter, I wonder what the future holds for my young Uce.

Ligaments are needed in a fight definitely.

Some can fight on however, where as some can not.

I always think there are moments in your career that can make you or break you. I have had many in my storied career and this was most certainly one of them.

God bless.

Boston Strong”