Cop Cam Catches UFC Fighter Trying To Plead His Way Out Of Arrest After Being Caught With Drugs, Guns, And Breaking And Entering

Former UFC competitor and Jackson-Wink MMA teammate Isaac Vallie-Flagg has reprotedly been arrested after illegal paraphernalia was discovered in the fighter’s car. In a new report of the incident, Vallie-Flagg attempted to plead with the police during his arrest. However, things did not go the former UFC fighter’s way.

As reported by KRQE News 13, Isaac Vallie-Flagg was pulled over by Sandoval County Sheriff’s Deputies after the fighter was discovered inside a restricted area.

The deputies believed that Vallie-Flagg was allegedly attempting to break into a nearby building, as the fighter had tools and weapons inside his vehicle.

Deputy: “So you weren’t trying to break into that building or anything like that?”

Vallie-Flagg: “No, definitely not.”

The deputies elected to search the fighter’s car, discovering two firearms and a Texas license plate that did not belong to the vehicle. One of the firearms was bolstered with an illegal silencer.

Deputies: “Let’s step in the back.”

Vallie-Flagg: “F*** there’s drugs in there.”

The deputies then discovered two pipes on the fighter’s person.

Vallie-Flagg: “I know. I f***ed up. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you about the drugs. I have a drug problem.”

When given another chance to come forward with any other information involving his intentions at the scene, Vallie-Flagg offered one last thought.

Vallie-Flagg: “I came out here to f****ing clear my head because my life is f***ing not great.”

Vallie-Flagg was a member of Jackson-Wink MMA during his tenure with the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Jackson-Wink MMA is the most notorious camp in MMA when it comes to legal issues.

You need to look no further than Jon Jones, who has been involved in multiple controversies and legal matters over the years. In addition to all of Jon Jones’ troubles and incidents with the law, Jackson-Wink fighter Diego Brandao was arrested after pistol whipping a man outside of a strip club.

Jackson-Wink fighter B.J. Penn has also faced accusations of sexual assault.

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