Crazy Horse Sucked Faber Into A Confrontational Callout In Orlando, But Urijah Doesn’t Back Down

In a brand new video, Charles “Crazy Horse” Bennett lured Urijah Faber into a callout situation while Faber was returning from the cage after Saturday’s Sara McMann fight.

Urijah Faber is a retired MMA legend and UFC hall-of-fame fighter, who is passing on his knowledge to the next generation of athlete as the leader of the world renowned Team Alpha Male fight camp.

As such, Faber is now often seen on fight nights cornering his athlete to victory, and pouring out his vast amount of experience, to aid his up-and-comers through their own Mixed Martial Arts journey.

Bennett though, caught Faber on the sidelines, and told him he wanted to kick his ass, while filming video.

Faber instantly brushed the notion off, reminding Bennett that the two are long time friends. But, when Bennett wouldn’t back down from challenging the legend, Faber didn’t hesitate to say, “Let’s do it”.

Of course, Urijah Faber would not return from retirement to fight an unranked, relative unknown in “Crazy Horse”, but we also wouldn’t expect Faber to shy away from any man’s challenge.

It’s all in the video player above.