Dana White Trolls Tech Billionaire Elon Musk On Twitter — Wins Today’s Internet

UFC president Dana White is an active social media user.

As such, we’ve seen the UFC boss do more than promote the UFC over the years.

Far too often Dana White tells off fans, blasts fighters, and leaks news at his own discretion, and he has no filter.

Sometimes we can see the UFC boss engaging with other celebrities, like recently when he was publicly admiring Hollywood starlet Halle Berry.

Now, in a new post, the UFC president was caught trolling Elon Musk.

For those who don’t know who Elon is, he’s the man responsible for one of the biggest clean energy movements in the world, as the head of Tesla. He also has his own space agency, in SpaceX, which is far beyond that of NASA, and is privately owned and operated.

Musk is also working on a hyper train in the United States, as he looks to fast forward the way the world transports.

He’s a fascinating and inovative tech mogul, and Dana White just won the internet with a great troll job on him.

Musk took to twitter with a simple post, stating, “Florida Time”. Then, the UFC boss replied to the post with his classic new line, “Khabib time”.

Check it out: