Fighters Speak Out That The UFC Is Just Getting It All Wrong

Two UFC notables have taken to social media to discuss fighter pay… And we know, fighter pay is a tired topic, but they bring up some really good points.

Ever since the early days, fighters have gotten paid to show up, make weight, and fight, regardless of outcome. In the UFC though, fighters are also paid a win bonus.

On average, fighters make twice as much with a win than they do with a loss.

It’s the sad reality of being a UFC fighter, and this payscale is used to motivate fighters to give it their all come fight night. But no matter the outcome, there’s always one man in every fight that only takes home half the prize.

Two of the UFC’s most notable faces though, are speaking out about this practice, and make some pretty good points, that the UFC is getting it all wrong.

Check it out:

Hate to say it, but the show/win money split is an issue. You guarantee fighters their full pay and you’ll see better fights and safer fights as well. People won’t be so worried about “fighting not to lose” or afraid to protect themselves if injured or clearly overmatched.

And if champs had to negotiate their purse every fight instead of a 8 fight deal you’d see fighters looking to win instead of not losing.
If there’s zero benefit to risking anything and a huge downside to losing you play it safe.

Do you agree?