Cody Goes Full Blast After Dillashaw Goes Viral For Cheap Shotting Another Sparring Partner

Team Alpha Male warrior Cody Garbrandt and former teammate T.J. Dillashaw have been entrenched within a heated rivalry for some time now. With a video of Dillashaw allegedly striking his sparring partner with multiple cheap shots now making its way across the internet, Garbrandt has decided to come forward with his thoughts.

In the video above, Dillashaw can be seen sparring with two time K-1 champion Takeru Segawa. During the sparring practice, Dillashaw snaps Segawa in the head after the sound of the bell on two different occasions.

The video has since been receiving some criticism from fight fans for Dillashaw’s seeming disregard for his sparring partner. Dillashaw also garnered some controversy for allegedly ending the career of Team Alpha Male’s Chris Holdsworth with illegal knees to the head during a sparring practice.

Now former UFC bantamweight champion Cody Garbrandt has come forward with his thoughts on the matter. Taking to Twitter, Garbrandt stated:

“One of the biggest dirt bags in the game. @TJDillashaw”

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