Garbrandt Gets Triggered, As Duane Ludwig Halts Dillashaw’s Signing Of UFC 222 Contract

With the UFC in need of a new main event for UFC 222, thanks to a Max Holloway injury, the world’s largest Mixed Martial Arts promotion intended on putting together a last minute rematch for the UFC’s bantamweight world title between Cody Garbrandt and TJ Dillashaw.

Global reports circled the MMA media this afternoon, confirming that both parties had agreed to the bout.

With the fight all but locked, TJ Dillashaw’s head coach reportedly hit the brakes on his fighter’s return to the Octagon.

With negotiations underway for a super-fight against Demetrious Johnson for July, as the co-main event under Miocic vs. Cormier, Dillashaw stands to make millions of dollars in pay-per-view bonuses.

And you know who else gets paid? Dillashaw’s coach Duane Ludwig, who’s incentives are a cut of his fighter’s purse.

While the UFC 222 main event between these two rivals will likely sell handsomely all on it’s own, it will be outdone considerably by the heavyweight world title fight between Stipe Miocic and Daniel Cormier.

This means Duane Ludwig could stand to lose money if his fighter loses to Cody Garbrandt in the UFC 222 main event, killing the potential super-fight against Mighty Mouse, which by no means is a done deal in it’s own right.

Obviously, as a coach and a fighter, you don’t want to make plans based on potential losses. Doing so means you don’t have full confidence you can beat your opponent. Should Dillashaw beat Garbrandt a second time, it will only add to the payday of a Johnson fight in July… And the camp will still have four months to prepare for the super-fight.

While Ludwig’s motivation for halting Dillashaw’s signing of the bout is currently unknown, Cody Garbrandt got trigged, and let him have it.

Check it out:

Hey bang! Your fighter needed help to the stool after round one! You know what it is! Lighting doesn’t strike twice, take the fucking fight bitchass mfers! I accepted! Balls in your court.

The once confirmed UFC 222 replacement main event is still in the works by UFC officials, however, it is being described as a fluid situation, thanks to Duane Ludwig’s unwillingness to sign off on the deal for his fighter.

We will keep you posted as this story continues to develop.