Garbrandt Sets The Record Straight: JCVD “was running around like he was on something”

Action film star Jean-Claude Van Damme recently visited Sacramento, California’s highly acclaimed mixed martial arts training camp Team Alpha Male. While visiting the camp, Van Damme offered to teach a workout session for the group of top level fighters. However, there was a bit of a confrontation between the film star and former UFC bantamweight champion Cody Garbrandt.

Van Damme claimed to be showing “No Love” a kicking technique, when the action star suddenly struck Garbrandt in the face. Garbrandt has now come forward to discuss the situation.

Speaking on the most recent edition of The MMA Hour, Garbrandt stated:

“The thing is, I was more annoyed than anything. The guy went out and got drunk all night. He was two hours late for the workout. I had my pregnant wife at home, and we just got back from New York. Like, what is Jean-Claude going to show me.”

“I respect the guy, but he was two hours late. I was annoyed by the whole thing… He was demonstrating a kick, that he was showing me, and he wanted me to do it. Next thing you know he started slapping around. My hand was still hurt. We weren’t even light sparring, it was just, he just can’t control himself. He got too excited in there. He was running all over the place like he was on some sh*t…

“It was a circus act, to be honest. I looked over at his buddy, his manager and just was just like get this guy out of my face.

“A lot of the guys look up to him for kickboxer and bloodsport. I was just more annoyed than anything. He’s this old guy, what was I gonna do pummel him? It’s a lose lose. We’re cool, I went to his premier. But, it was cool to go in there and learn from him.”

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