Here’s A Fidgety Dana White Reluctantly Confirming That The Title Reign Of Conor McGregor Is Over

UFC president Dana White confirmed yesterday that the title reign of Conor McGregor is approaching an end.

And though the UFC boss seemed out of sorts when pressed about the issue by TMZ, he reluctantly confirmed that Conor McGregor will no longer be a UFC champion.

And though it seems like the UFC is waiting on McGregor to relinquish the belt, so the term “stripped” is never used in regards to the biggest star of all-time, the UFC boss is steadfast in proclaiming the upcoming UFC 223 main event is for the undisputed world title.

“Is he upset? Conor understands. Conor made a lot of money. He wants some time off, but the division has to go on and the business has to go on.”

“I said in the last press conference, that fight will be for the title. It’s not for the interim title. That fight is for the title.”

“I’d like to see Conor fight the winner. It was August and then September [for his return]. I say it all the time, with that kind of money, Conor might never come back. It’s a lot of money.”

Now, we’re not body language experts here at, but the UFC president is a little unsure of his answers, maybe even a little fidgety with a thumb to his eyeball.

Does this mean anything? Probably not. But, of course the UFC president wants to stay in the good graces of his mega-star ratings King in Conor McGregor.

Here is the full interview, with some additional commentary about Floyd Mayweather’s potential UFC debut: