Joe Rogan Is Absolutely Furious Over UFC 221 Eye Poke Submission Escape

Last weekend at UFC 221, Li Jingliang escaped a guillotine choke placed by his opponent Jake Matthews, but did so very controversially.

In the bout, as seen by our featured article image, the Asian fighter stuck two fingers into his opponents eye, and left them in there nice and deep until the choke was removed from around his neck.

The referee did nothing to halt the incident, and even after there wasn’t even as much as a point deduction.

This has really pissed Joe Rogan off, who took to his podcast to go off on the subject.

“I thought it was fucking bullshit,” Joe Rogan said. “You can’t let a guy get away with that, or he’s going to do it again. … You don’t do it that way. You tap. It’s straight up cheating; it’s not just shady. It’s cheating.

“They should tell him, ‘If this ever happens again, if you ever think you’re going to do this again, we’re going to kick you out of the league.’ You can’t do that. You can’t gouge someone’s eye when they’re choking you.”

“It felt like the fingers were in long enough for him to know the fingers were in there. The referee f-cked up. The UFC should do something. Someone should do something. Maybe, even in Nevada? You’ve got to look at that and go, ‘Hey man, you can’t ever do this again. And we have to fine you. You should be suspended, and if you ever do this again, you’re out.’ You can’t gouge someone’s eyes. They’ll lose their vision. We can’t have any leniency whatsoever toward intentional eye-gouging. Zero.”

“Every time an eye-poke happens, whether it’s intentional or not, take a point away. I think it’s a good move. Eye-gouges like that, I think is grounds for disqualification. You can’t allow any room for that. Guys are going to get blind. It could happen. Most guys are completely ethical and would never think of doing this.”

Do you agree with Joe?