Leaked Footage Of Ronda Rousey Training Pro-Wrestling In Ring, For The WWE

Former women’s UFC bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey has successfully made her transition to the world of professional wrestling. Now a video of the trailblazing mixed martial artist and Olympic medalist training her skills inside the ring has made its way onto the internet.

Ronda Rousey has not competed inside the octagon for some time. The fighter suffered a loss to Amanda Nunes in 2016 that put the fighter on a two fight losing streak. Since then, Rousey has been finding other ways to spend her time.

Most recently, Rousey has been snaring the world’s attention with her bombastic WWE presence. The fighter made her debut at the inaugural women’s Royal Rumble, before later throwing Triple H through a table at her contract signing event.

The most recent edition of WWE’s Monday Night Raw saw Rousey give Kurt Angle a similar treatment. Check out leaked footage of Rousey honing her professional wrestling skills in the video above.

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