Was It A Mismatch? Valentina Speaks Out On Controversial Co-Main Event, And Lack Of Ref’s Stoppage

Former UFC title challenger Valentina Shevchenko is the talk of the MMA world this week, after Saturday night’s dominant co-main event.

In the fight, referee Mario Yamasaki opted to let her opponent continue, despite a striking disparity of 217-1.

UFC president Dana White wants Yamasaki banned from the UFC’s Octagon for life after he let the action continue.

However, Valentina chimes in on the subject for the first time, and she thinks the bout went as it was supposed to.

Speaking to The MMA Hour, just moments ago, Valentina weighed in.

Check it out:

“No [it was not a mismatch], because I saw her fight, and 8 wins zero loses, and more by TKO, and it speaks something.”

“People were thinking that if they didn’t hear her name yet, it was a mismatch. But 125 just formed for females. We will see more names that aren’t yet in the UFC, and it doesn’t mean that they’re weak.”

“I was seeing fights of Prescilla, and what I see there is she has very strong hands and very strong head. It doesn’t matter how hard girls were hitting her, she was never quitting.”

“That’s why I was training as usual for my other fights. I didn’t do anything less than I did in my fights before.”

Speaking on the fight itself, and on the referee’s lack of a stoppage, Valentina stated,

“In the first round, I think it should have been continued. From the very beginning, from my first punch, I feel that this is it. I just like focused on this to end the fight.”

“But at the same time, in every moment of the first round, but I was feeling Prescilla didn’t want to quit… She was doing everything to defend herself. To do more time and go to the second round.”

“Of course it was some very good and hard strikes in the first round, but I think it should continue to the second round.”

“It’s so difficult to say for me because I’m a fighter.”