“Not Friends” Miesha Tate On If She’d Ever Work With Ronda Rousey In The WWE

Rivals since the days of Strikeforce, Ronda Rousey owes at least part of her popularity to her very public feud with fellow UFC star Miesha Tate.

These two fought twice, Ronda the victor both times. They spent countless days together as the first female coaches of the UFC’s Ultimate Fighter reality series. And they captured the world’s attention with their bitter war of words time and time again.

When discussing historic MMA rivalries, there’s Jones-D.C., Conor-Nate, and Ronda-Miesha, at the top of every pundit’s list.

With Ronda’s recent move to the WWE, Miesha Tate took to her own podcast to discuss if joining forces with Ronda in the pro-wrestling world is really even an option for her.

Miesha, while saying she can keep things professional, isn’t really interested in the idea.

Here’s some cliffs:

“I’ve always said I’d be down to do a cameo with the WWE. I personally wouldn’t want to do a 2 or 3 year world tour…”

“I would be open to a cameo possibly. But, with Ronda specifically, that changes things a little bit. It depends on how much we’d have to work together on the choreography before the cameo…”

“I’m never going to like Ronda, But, I don’t like hate her. I don’t have to be unprofessional. I can sit in the same room with her and whatever. I can put it aside. I can be professional, so I know I can get the job done. But, I wouldn’t want to have to hang out with Ronda and work on choreography and act like we don’t like each other. That would be like the Ultimate Fighter all over again, but worse I think.”

Here’s Miesha’s full remarks on the subject.