Overweight Gym Patron Caught Staring At Miesha Tate’s Jump Roping Session, And He Doesn’t Stop

UFC superstar Miesha Tate may have hung up her gloves, but the former UFC bantamweight champion still works hard to stay in shape. In a video now making its way around the internet, the trailblazing mixed martial artist can be seen working on her cardio as another gym member seemingly stares at her for a sizable period of time.

Miesha Tate has put on a storied career in the sport of mixed martial arts. As a former UFC title holder that has taken on some of the toughest talent in the sport, the former fighter has collected a hoard of fans throughout her career.

This time around, Miesha Tate was spotted by one gym goer while she was jumping rope. Rather than say anything, the man simply stared at the former fighter as he walks by.

Check out the moment in the video above.

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