Professional MMA Fighter Sentenced To 8 Years In Prison For Defending Himself In Bar Fight

Amateur mixed martial artist Matt Coakley is now facing a lengthy prison sentence following a bar fight in Raleigh, N.C. With that in mind, some are now calling the sentence unfair.

Coakley and Denny Clark entered an argument while attending a local bar. The argument quickly swelled into a physical altercation, which took place within the establishment’s bathroom.

Clark ultimately lost the use of an eye from the altercation, leaving Coakley with a hefty eight year prison sentence. Speaking to ABC 11, the fighter’s mother Lorin Coakley has since come forward with a statement concerning the matter.

The fighter’s mother said, “Denny came out of the stall and walked the length of the bathroom and came at Matt and I guess they exchanged some words and Denny put his hands on Matt’s throat….”

Lorin Coakley then claimed that her son was allegedly sober during the incident and was not the aggressor of the brawl. The fighter’s mother then claimed that not allowing Matt Coakley to defend himself exclusively due to his status as a mixed martial artist seems unfair.

The hefty eight year sentence is now getting the attention of fight fans as a potentially unfair punishment.

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