Remember Mark Munoz? Well, He’s MASSIVE Now … Really Shockingly Massive — Look!

Remember Mark Munoz, the dominant wrestling middleweight fighter who was once one of the baddest middleweights on the UFC’s roster?

The Philippino Wrecking Machine retired on a win over Luke Barnett back in 2015, and never looked back.

His storied career saw him defeated the top talent in his generation. Munoz holds wins over the likes of Kendall Grove, CB Dolloway, Tim Boetsch, Demian Maia and more.

Now, almost three years into his retired life, and Munoz has gained some considerable weight. It’s actually pretty shocking, but whatever makes this man happy, we’re o.k. with.

Check out the latest photo of the popular UFC veteran, as provided by UFC’s Ashlee Evans-Smith.