“Rowdy” Bec Rawlings Has A Hilarious Take On Instagram Models — You’re Welcome

In 2018, all it takes to call yourself a model is a cellphone, a mirror, and an Instagram account.

Women and photographers around the world have changed the modeling world in the new era of the Instagram Model.

Women, who don’t mind baring a little skin for followers are even garnering millions of fans, an accolade that was once reserved for only the super-models of the world.

Now, top UFC female Bec Rawlings drops some wise words on the world of Instagram modeling, through her own Instagram story, and it really makes you think.

What if Instagram got deleted?

Here’s Bec’s message:

“Imagine they delete Instagram and BOOM!!! You’re not a model anymore.”

Bec returns to action in Brookyln, at UFC 223 against Ashlee Evans-Smith.