Steve-O Blasts Tito Ortiz So Hard That He Even Gets Liddell Fired Up For A Rematch

MMA’s new dynamic duo, Chuck Liddell and Steve-O are back with a brand new video, this time about former UFC champion Tito Ortiz.

Ortiz is Liddell’s career rival, and these two helped put the UFC on the map with their epic level trash-talk and subsequent two fight series.

Liddell knocked out Tito both times they fought, dating back to UFC 47 and UFC 66.

At the time it was the classic clash of styles. Ortiz known for his ground and pound and wrestling, and Liddell for his striking.

Now, in the modern era of the UFC, the beef still holds, and this new video with Steve-O blasting Ortiz for being a not only a poor sport, but a poor winner, gets “The Iceman” all fired up.

Enjoy the video in the player above!