‘Steven Seagal Got Choked Out On Set And Literally Sh*t His Pants’

In a real-life Hollywood story, we get to hear what happened when Steven Seagal asked a stunt man to demonstrate a choke on him.

Seagal, being the martial arts master that he is, expected to be able to escape with ease.

Instead, he literally pooped his pants when he couldn’t escape.

This story comes from Comedian Kevin Heart who is dead serious about the tale.

“This is gonna kill ya, I promise you.”

“[Ice] Cube accidentally punched one of the stunt guys in the nose… Cube is apologetic….”

Then the stunt guy explains,

“We’ve worked with guys in the past that have been just dicks… Steven Seagal he used to really get shots in, in these scenes. It got to a point where we had to come to our boss, the stunt coordinator, and say, ‘Hey Steven’s really hitting us, can you tell Steve to chill out a little bit.'”

We don’t want to ruin the rest of the story for you, so it’s best you hit play in the player above and get a good laugh!