That Time Dana White Broke The Web For Kissing Miesha Tate On Camera

The storied career of former UFC bantamweight champion Miesha Tate has earned the mixed martial arts veteran a myriad of fight fans over the years. The former title holder’s biggest fan may just be UFC President Dana White.

Back when Miesha Tate was gearing up for UFC 200, the fighter was having some issues getting to the scales for her weigh-in on time. However, in the end, the mixed martial arts warrior made the weight and the fight was set to go down.

Speaking in a media scrum after the weigh-ins, Miesha Tate offered an explanation to the situation. However, the interview was quickly interrupted by the UFC president. Dana White first interjected the scene to yell that Tate was going to make “a lot of money” for the fight.

White quickly returned to give Miesha Tate a peck on the cheek. The UFC President’s physical affection to the now former UFC bantmaweight champion has since become one of the most discussed moments outside of the octagon for the fighter.

Check it out in the video above.

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