The UFC Bans Metallica From Fighter Walk Out Music

The iconic band, Metallica’s been in the news this week performing at Sunday’s Grammy Awards alongside Lady Gaga. Then on Monday morning, the ban announced a worldwide tour starting on Mar. 1 in Mexico City with tickets in the majority of the cities going on sale this morning.

Now, they are in the news again but in a bad way. Former UFC women’s bantamweight champion Carla Esparza said on her Facebook page that she will no longer be allowed to come out to the band’s song, “Harvester of Sorrow”.

Esparza took to her social media to explain that her longtime walkout song has been put on the banned list, stating, “So I was just told by the UFC that legally I cannot use Metallica as my walkout anymore, and I’ve been using them since my first fight. ? #harvesterofsorrow …. any music buffs have a suggestion for something similar?”

“Cookie Monster” started her career in 2010 and has won the Invicta FC 115-pound title and was the first UFC 115-pound champion.

It is a shame Esparza can no longer use a song from one of the greatest bands of all-time. No word on what the legal reason is on why the song is banned.

MMA Imports has reached out to UFC officials on the reason and will update you when we receive confirmation.