UFC Fighters React To Jon Jones’ License Revocation

The California State Athletic Commission (CSAC) has rendered a verdict in the case of Jon Jones’ most recent drug test failure. Now fighters are coming forward with their thoughts on the matter.

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones has had quite the journey over the years. The fighter quickly made his way into the conversation of being the possible greatest fighter of all time after earning stunning victory after the next.

However, Jones’ career quickly fell to controversy. The fighter has been stripped of his UFC title three times, having experienced multiple run ins with the law and multiple drug test failures.

Most recently, Jon Jones failed his drug test for UFC 214. CSAC held a hearing for the case today, offering Jones a chance to plea his side of the incident.

However, CSAC ultimately fined Jones the maximum total of $200,000 and revoked the fighter’s license to compete. Jones will not be able to apply for a new license until March 2019. USADA has yet to offer their decision on Jones’ recent drug test failure, which could see the former champion suspended for up to six years.

Check out what many fighters had to say about the hearing down below:

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