The UFC Ready to Clear Liddell to Fight Ortiz Trilogy Match

Former UFC light heavyweight champions Tito Ortiz and Chuck Liddell formed one of the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s most highly entertaining rivalries during their fighting careers. While both mixed martial arts warriors are now retired, Ortiz and “The Iceman” have been butting heads as of late. Now it would appear that Liddell has possible proof that the UFC will medically clear him to fight Ortiz.

Ortiz recently decided to call out Liddell for a trilogy rematch. “The Huntington Beach Bad Boy” revealed that he is willing to take on his heated rival once again, however Ortiz doubts that the UFC will medically clear Liddell to fight again. Chuck Liddell has been, after all, knocked unconscious five times.

However, Liddell has now come forward in an interview with TMZ Sports to reveal that he is down to fight his former rival and that he does not believe he will have any issues getting cleared by the UFC.

Speaking to TMZ Sports, Liddell first offered his thoughts on Ortiz’s recent call out.

“That would be awesome. I haven’t seen it, but someone may have said something about it. I’ll believe it when I see it and when he actually signs the contract. Then I will believe it again when he actually shows up to the fight.”

“I have a hard time believing it. He pulled out the last time. It is what it is. If he will actually sign and do it, I will be happy.”

When asked about the possibility of not being medically cleared by the UFC, Liddell revealed that he has already received a medical examination for his recent outing on the mountains. The former champion does not expect any problems with the UFC medical team.

“I don’t know why I wouldn’t be. I had a medical exam for my mountain climbing show and I got cleared there. So, I should be just fine. We’ll have to see. If they didn’t clear me, I’d be shocked. They’ve cleared a lot of people that are in lot less shape than I am.”

Liddel and Ortiz have fought on two occasions during their careers, with Liddell earning a stunning finish over his opponent on both occasions.

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