WTF? Invicta Female Extorts Nude Male Body In Viral Pic Gone Wrong

Invicta bantamweight Katharina Lehner‏ has chosen a rather unorthodox way to promote her upcoming title fight. This time around, the mixed martial arts warrior posted a photo of herself sitting on a naked man as if he were a chair.

Katharina Lehner is currently set to face off against Sarah Kaufmann for the Invicta FC bantamweight title on May 4. In promotion for the event, Lehner recently decided to take to social media.

Over Twitter, the fighter posted a picture of herself signing the bout agreement for the title fight match up. However, Lehner also included herself sitting on a naked man within the image.

Check out the incredibly unexpected promotional tactic down below:

“Once upon a time when there were no chairs… Here I’m signing the bout agreement to fight Sarah Kaufmann for the @InvictaFights BANTAMWEIGHT TITLE on 4th may. #beabosslady in a world full of princesses #wmma #mma #ufc #invictafc #wrestling #femalefighter #bantamweight”

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