Andre Soukhamthath Breaks His Silence On Being Called The Dumbest Fighter In UFC History

Watch the video above and you can witness Rashad Evan’s reaction to his own teammate Andre Soukhamthath’s UFC 222 performance against Sean O’Malley.

In the fight, Andre Soukhamthath had O’Malley dead to rights in the third round. He had the fight in his hands, in the bag, and could have easily gotten his hand raised. All he had to do was step back, and stop taking O’Malley down to the ground.

That’s because O’Malley could not stand with both feet planted for the majority of the round, and him being constantly put on his back is why he was able to squeek out a decision.

Now, Andre Soukhamthath tells ESPN exactly what it’s like being called the dumbest fighter in UFC history.

Check it out:

“They are calling me the dumbest fighter in MMA. The dumbest fighter in UFC history. Even my friend Rashad (Evans). Everyone is wondering why I decided to wrestle, and I’m wondering the same thing. I know what I did wrong. I realize what I did. I’m going to capitalize on my mistakes and learn from this.”