Another Fighter Dies In Canada Following TKO Loss

Another tragedy has struck the combat sports world. Boxer David Whittom as passed away.

Quebec native David Whittom faced off against Gary Kopas for the Canadian Professional Boxing Council’s cruiserweight championship in May of 2017. Kopas brutalized his opponent in the final round of their match up, going on to question the referee as to if the fight should have continued.

After complaining of a headache and feelings of nausea some time after the fight, Whittom was taken to have a CT scan. It was then revealed that the boxer had a hemorrhage in his brain that was building pressure.

The pugilist was then placed in an artificial coma. As reported by, Whittom passed away on March 16th, 10 months after being placed in the coma.

David Whittom passed away at 39-years-old. Of course, Whittom is not the only fighter to have passed away due to injuries received during a match as of late.

Mixed martial arts veteran and former UFC fighter Tim Hague passed away on June 18, 2017 after suffering a brain injury received in a boxing match against Adam Braidwood. Hague passed away at the age of 34.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) would go on to release an official statement concerning the fighter’s death shortly after.

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