Awkward! Coach Reveals Miesha, Her New Man, And Caraway All Still Train At The Same Gym

Miesha Tate’s high-profile ex-boyfriend Bryan Caraway is back in fight week as he readies to return to action at this weekend’s UFC 222 event, after more than a year absent from the sport.

And a lot has changed since he last fought in a winning effort against Aljamain Sterling.

For the first time in his career, Caraway will enter the cage without his longtime girlfriend Miesha Tate by his side and in his corner.

But, he’s moving on, and he said as much during this week’s media day, “There were times where you just beat yourself up a little. Like, you’re not going to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Eventually, I got this fight, and I’m healthy, and things started going my way. Things are looking better for 2018.”

Now, in a new revelation, it appears that despite their breakup, Miesha Tate remains training at the same gym as Caraway. Miesha’s new MMA fighter man Johnny Nunez also trains there with her.

In a new interview their mutual Gym manager/coach revealed the awkward situation, stating, “Miesha Tate is in here once or twice a week, she’s pregnant. And she dates one of our teammates, Johnny Nunez, at first, we didn’t know how things would work out. But everyone has been an adult about the situation. Bryan and Miesha are cordial, Johnny and Bryan are cordial. It’s an unfortunate situation, but it is something that happened. I’m glad everyone is an adult about it.”


Here’s the coach’s full interview:

You have to kind of feel for Caraway in all this.