Care / Don’t Care, But Ronda Just Revealed She Was Looking For A Way Out Of The Sport

By this point we’ve all seen the backlash reporters get when asking Ronda Rousey about her UFC days.

The former UFC bantamweight world champion has moved on to the WWE, and despite making the media rounds on multiple sporting programs, she’s all but refused to discuss her thoughts on her career as a UFC fighter.

Then, suddenly Rousey had a change of heart, and divulged her inner most thoughts to ESPN.

Check it out:

“Judo and MMA, there were times when the process was fun and then there were times where it got to be only the results were fun, you know? And then there’s a time when things just run their course. You fall in love, then you fall out of love, and you find a new love.”

“There was a while when I was just looking for an honorable way out. I felt satisfied, like I proved everything I needed to prove, but I didn’t feel like anybody else felt that way, and I wasn’t sure that the women’s division could survive without me. So I felt obligated to do more than what I actually wanted to, I feel.

“But I also think that everything happens for a reason and I have no regrets, and I’m still happy that I fulfilled those obligations. I really do feel like the women’s division can hold its own now and I’m proud of all the work I did there. I don’t need anyone else’s approval to be proud of myself.”

“Honestly, it wasn’t that I missed it. I could very happily be in some house in the mountains somewhere and never see anybody again, and just hang out with my goats and chickens and be happy. It would only have to be something as great as the WWE, it makes me this happy, to actually pull me away from that.

”Otherwise, probably no one would hear from me. I would live in the woods and be happy. It’s all I really want.”