Coach’s Body Torture Has Manny Pacquiao Cussing Up A Storm

Manny Pacquiao is a pugilist phenom. The champion boxer has scored eleven major world titles throughout his illustrious career in the sport. Pacquiao has since gone down as possibly one of the greatest boxers of all time. That being said, even Manny Pacquiao had trouble suffering through this training exercise.

Pacquiao is a Senator of the Philippines. But, the boxing veteran is still looking to keep active in the sport from which he made his name.

Most recently, the boxer is reportedly looking to face Lucas Matthysse in June, though the match has yet to be made official. Either way, Pacquiao is hard in training to hone his skills.

In the video above, Pacquiao can be seen having his diaphragm struck with an object multiple times. The boxer yells and curses through the pain, but ultimately accepts the tough training session.

Check it out in the video provided.

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