Dana White Reacts To Boxing With Boxes On Boxers With Blindfolds

UFC President Dana White watches quite a few fights every week. The UFC head has been present for countless mixed martial arts events, as well as attended more than a large share of boxing match ups over the years.

When an unorthodox brawl from the internet catches his eye, Dana White often takes to social media to share the moment with his hoards of dedicated fight fans. This time around, the UFC president decided to share a video of two men boxing with cardboard boxed over their heads.

In the video above, two men can be seen going toe-to-toe. However, neither individual was able to see, as each had a cardboard box placed over their faces. Still, the man in the darker shirt was able to flatten is opponent with one solid punch.

Check out Dana White’s reaction to the brawl in the Instagram post below:


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