Darren Till: ‘I’m better than Conor McGregor’

Fast rising UFC welterweight talent, Darren Till had his coming out party in his last fight, when he quickly dispatched fan favorite UFC veteran Donald Cerrone.

Now, he’s eyeing the biggest fish of them all, not necessarily in a fight, but Till doesn’t hesitate to proclaim himself a better fighter than Conor McGregor.

We know this, because that’s what he just told ESPN UK.

Check it:

“I just think he lacks a bit of kicking, little bit of cardio, but you could put us in the same bracket in the fighting style. But I am better. I know I’m better.

”It’s not a disrespect to him or any other fighter out there in the world, to the best in the world — could be [Daniel] Cormier, the Jon Joneses, I just believe I am the best fighter.”

”He looked more into marketing [than I am]; I don’t think I market myself. I’m just real. I just say what I think. I just write or post what I think.

”I don’t really care what anyone thinks or says about me. They don’t know me.”