Evans-Smith Kicks Up Dust — Trash Talks Opponent Bec Rawlings For Using “Raunchy” Sexuality

Next month’s UFC 223 event might be the UFC’s fight card of the year, and one half of the Rawlings vs. Evans-Smith matchup just kicked up the trash-talk ahead of fight night.

UFC 223 goes down on April 7. The pay-per-view event takes place from Brooklyn’s Barclay Center.

UFC flyweight females “Rowdy” Bec Rawlings and Ashlee Evans-Smith have up until this point stayed away from the pre-fight trash-talk. But that’s no longer the case.

In a new interview with Fightful, Evans-Smith cast the first stones, calling Bec “raunchy”, and under-equipped to handle her on fight night.

Check it out:

“Without sounding cocky, I’m shocked that she took the fight against me. She’s coming off of three losses, I’m the bigger, stronger girl”

“I just don’t like the girl that much at all. She’s a really bad depiction and role model for women’s MMA. She’s raunchy to put it lightly. She uses sexuality way too much. I’ve posted a few risque pictures, but she overdoes it. It’s shocking to me, she has children, too. My nickname is ‘rebel girl,’ and I’d love to cuss all the time and post pictures that are a bit risque, but I don’t because there are boys and girls that look up to us. I take that into consideration and I don’t think so at all. I think she’s given MMA a bad name in general. She’s kind of a shit talker, and a lot of the time she can’t back it up, which is embarrassing to me. Sometimes I wanna talk trash, but then I’m like ‘ooh, it’s MMA, anything can happen.’ I’m not gonna talk trash in this fight and get spinning heel kicked and look like an [idiot]”

An unfair take from a female who, by the looks of our cover photo, has seemed to post more risque imagery than Bec as of late.

Here’s some examples from Ashlee Evans-Smith:

Mas Amor Por Favor.? ? @estevanmarquezphotography

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